MS Students 2013

Sr. No.

Student Name

Registration No.

E-mail ID

1. SHAHINA MS13002 ms13002[at]iisermohali.ac.in
2. ANKIT LABH MS13003 ms13003[at]iisermohali.ac.in
3. VISHAVDEEP MS13004 ms13004[at]iisermohali.ac.in
4. MANISH KUMAR GAUTAM MS13005 ms13005[at]iisermohali.ac.in
5. AGRIM GUPTA MS13006 ms13006[at]iisermohali.ac.in
6. PRAKHAR GAHLOT MS13007 ms13007[at]iisermohali.ac.in
7. RESHMA R MS13008 ms13008[at]iisermohali.ac.in
8. KM PRAGYA VERMA MS13009 ms13009[at]iisermohali.ac.in
9. SIMRAN S TINANI MS13010 ms13010[at]iisermohali.ac.in
10. ANUJ KUMAR MS13011 ms13011[at]iisermohali.ac.in
11. SUNIL KUMAR MS13012 ms13012[at]iisermohali.ac.in
12. SRESHTA ELCHURI MS13013 ms13013[at]iisermohali.ac.in
13. PRAGNYA DAS MS13014 ms13014[at]iisermohali.ac.in
14. VIRENDER SINGH MS13015 ms13015[at]iisermohali.ac.in
15. ANUPAMA PAVITHRAN MS13016 ms13016[at]iisermohali.ac.in
16. ASWIN. G.S MS13017 ms13017[at]iisermohali.ac.in
17. AISWARYA. M.S MS13018 ms13018[at]iisermohali.ac.in
18. SALONI ROSE MS13019 ms13019[at]iisermohali.ac.in
19. PARVATHY S MS13020 ms13020[at]iisermohali.ac.in
20. KRITI KAMAL GUPTA MS13022 ms13022[at]iisermohali.ac.in
21. GOKUL JAGANNADH MS13023 ms13023[at]iisermohali.ac.in
22. KM BHARTI SINGH MS13024 ms13024[at]iisermohali.ac.in
23. SHAH PARTH DHARMENDRABHAI MS13025 ms13025[at]iisermohali.ac.in
24. SAURABH HANUMAN MHATRE MS13026 ms13026[at]iisermohali.ac.in
25. GURU GAURAV MS13027 ms13027[at]iisermohali.ac.in
26. ARSHA SREEKUMAR MS13028 ms13028[at]iisermohali.ac.in
27. KANA RAM KHATOR MS13030 ms13030[at]iisermohali.ac.in
28. NAVDHA MALHOTRA MS13031 ms13031[at]iisermohali.ac.in
29. SHUBHAM DILIP VERMA MS13032 ms13032[at]iisermohali.ac.in
30. SWEETU SUSAN SUNNY MS13033 ms13033[at]iisermohali.ac.in
31. AKSHAI J. KURUP MS13034 ms13034[at]iisermohali.ac.in
32. KARAN BHATT MS13035 ms13035[at]iisermohali.ac.in
33. JYOTI OJHA MS13036 ms13036[at]iisermohali.ac.in
34. SIDDHARTH KUMAR KURDIA MS13037 ms13037[at]iisermohali.ac.in
35. RAHUL RANA MS13038 ms13038[at]iisermohali.ac.in
36. TEENA. V. JOHN MS13040 ms13040[at]iisermohali.ac.in
37. AKHIL BHARDWAJ MS13041 ms13041[at]iisermohali.ac.in
38. DEEPANKSHI AGGARWAL MS13042 ms13042[at]iisermohali.ac.in
39. VAIBHVI MS13043 ms13043[at]iisermohali.ac.in
40. MRIDUL MS13044 ms13044[at]iisermohali.ac.in
41. MANISH YADAV MS13045 ms13045[at]iisermohali.ac.in
42. ISHITA KATYAL MS13046 ms13046[at]iisermohali.ac.in
43. KAUSAL KUMAR MS13047 ms13047[at]iisermohali.ac.in
44. MEGHANAD KAYANATTIL MS13048 ms13048[at]iisermohali.ac.in
45. NEELIMA P.R MS13049 ms13049[at]iisermohali.ac.in
46. SAI PRAVEEN MADIREDDI MS13051 ms13051[at]iisermohali.ac.in
47. AMOL MADHUKAR AMODKAR MS13052 ms13052[at]iisermohali.ac.in
48. VARSHA JAYASWAL MS13053 ms13053[at]iisermohali.ac.in
49. JAYESH KUMAR S MS13054 ms13054[at]iisermohali.ac.in
50. UJJAWAL SINGHAL MS13055 ms13055[at]iisermohali.ac.in
51. DIVITA GUPTA MS13056 ms13056[at]iisermohali.ac.in
52. KALIK KUMAR VISHISTH MS13057 ms13057[at]iisermohali.ac.in
53. MEGHA GULIA MS13058 ms13058[at]iisermohali.ac.in
54. SHAILESH KUMAR MS13059 ms13059[at]iisermohali.ac.in
55. KESHAV NAGPAL MS13060 ms13060[at]iisermohali.ac.in
56. LISHA LOITONGBAM MS13061 ms13061[at]iisermohali.ac.in
57. ASHIMA MS13062 ms13062[at]iisermohali.ac.in
58. PANKAJ KHARRA MS13063 ms13063[at]iisermohali.ac.in
59. AATASHI DHIMAN MS13064 ms13064[at]iisermohali.ac.in
60. LALIT YADAV MS13065 ms13065[at]iisermohali.ac.in
61. SUJEESH. P.T MS13066 ms13066[at]iisermohali.ac.in
62. JYOTI TANWAR MS13067 ms13067[at]iisermohali.ac.in
63. AMALA RAJ MS13068 ms13068[at]iisermohali.ac.in
64. NEERAJ MAAN MS13069 ms13069[at]iisermohali.ac.in
65. HARLEEN KAUR MS13070 ms13070[at]iisermohali.ac.in
66. V PRAVEEN KUMAR MS13071 ms13071[at]iisermohali.ac.in
67. JISHNA. M MS13072 ms13072[at]iisermohali.ac.in
68. ABHINAV MS13074 ms13074[at]iisermohali.ac.in
69. ASHISH MS13076 ms13076[at]iisermohali.ac.in
70. ANKIT MS13077 ms13077[at]iisermohali.ac.in
71. RIMPY DHANDA MS13078 ms13078[at]iisermohali.ac.in
72. SANDEEP SINGH MS13079 ms13079[at]iisermohali.ac.in
73. PRABHSIMRANDEEP KAUR MS13080 ms13080[at]iisermohali.ac.in
74. SHIKHA BHATEJA MS13081 ms13081[at]iisermohali.ac.in
75. SUKHWINDER SINGH MS13082 ms13082[at]iisermohali.ac.in
76. MEGHA MS13083 ms13083[at]iisermohali.ac.in
77. ELVIN J. PAUL MS13084 ms13084[at]iisermohali.ac.in
78. TASENG MANCHEYKHUN MS13086 ms13086[at]iisermohali.ac.in
79. ABHAY KASERA MS13087 ms13087[at]iisermohali.ac.in
80. SWATHY LEKSHMY. V.S MS13089 ms13089[at]iisermohali.ac.in
81 SONALI MAURYA MS13090 ms13090[at]iisermohali.ac.in
82 ABHISHEK VERMA MS13091 ms13091[at]iisermohali.ac.in
83 ANKIT SOMANI MS13092 ms13092[at]iisermohali.ac.in
84 NITYA SINGH MS13093 ms13093[at]iisermohali.ac.in
85 ASISH MOHARANA MS13094 ms13094[at]iisermohali.ac.in
86 SHREYA KHANDAL MS13095 ms13095[at]iisermohali.ac.in
87 SOMYA SINGH MS13097 ms13097[at]iisermohali.ac.in
88 SILPA. M.P MS13098 ms13098[at]iisermohali.ac.in
89 SHUBHAM SINGH TOMAR MS13099 ms13099[at]iisermohali.ac.in
90 PRANAV KUKRETI MS13100 ms13100[at]iisermohali.ac.in
91 DAIMIOTA TAKHELLAMBAM MS13101 ms13101[at]iisermohali.ac.in
92 VICHITAR YADAV MS13102 ms13102[at]iisermohali.ac.in
93 DIKSHA MUKHIJA MS13103 ms13103[at]iisermohali.ac.in
94 ISWARYA SITIRAJU MS13104 ms13104[at]iisermohali.ac.in
95 ADITYA KUMAR SINGH MS13105 ms13105[at]iisermohali.ac.in
96 RAKESH KUMAR SAINI MS13106 ms13106[at]iisermohali.ac.in
97 SANDEEP BADHAN MS13107 ms13107[at]iisermohali.ac.in
98 HARPREET KAUR MS13108 ms13108[at]iisermohali.ac.in
99 ADITYA MISHRA MS13109 ms13109[at]iisermohali.ac.in
100 SANJAY ANAND MS13110 ms13110[at]iisermohali.ac.in
101 SUMANJIT DATTA MS13111 ms13111[at]iisermohali.ac.in
102 GEETHU VENUGOPAL MS13112 ms13112[at]iisermohali.ac.in
103 MADHUVANTHI G ATHANI MS13113 ms13113[at]iisermohali.ac.in
104 AVINASH GUPTA MS13114 ms13114[at]iisermohali.ac.in
105 SUKHRAJ KAUR MS13115 ms13115[at]iisermohali.ac.in
106 PRIYANKA BANSAL MS13116 ms13116[at]iisermohali.ac.in
107 SUHANI GUPTA MS13117 ms13117[at]iisermohali.ac.in
108 RHYTHM SHUKLA MS13118 ms13118[at]iisermohali.ac.in
109 AMRUTA RAJARAJAN MS13119 ms13119[at]iisermohali.ac.in
110 JOYAL DAVIS MS13120 ms13120[at]iisermohali.ac.in
111 DANTULURI SRIHARSHA MS13121 ms13121[at]iisermohali.ac.in
112 RUDRA SHEKHAR MS13122 ms13122[at]iisermohali.ac.in
113 PRATIBHA SONGARA MS13123 ms13123[at]iisermohali.ac.in
114 SUBHASHREE SHUBHRASMITA SAHU MS13124 ms13124[at]iisermohali.ac.in
115 GOBINDER SINGH MS13125 ms13125[at]iisermohali.ac.in
116 MAYANK KUMAR MS13126 ms13126[at]iisermohali.ac.in
117 NAYANA SHIBU DEEPTHI MS13127 ms13127[at]iisermohali.ac.in
118 CHANDRA BHANU PARTAP SINGH MS13128 ms13128[at]iisermohali.ac.in
119 T. HARSHAVARDHAN MS13129 ms13129[at]iisermohali.ac.in
120 VIJAY SINGH YADAV MS13130 ms13130[at]iisermohali.ac.in
121 VAISHNAVI S MS13132 ms13132[at]iisermohali.ac.in
122 ROHIT KUMAR MS13133 ms13133[at]iisermohali.ac.in
123 PRABHAT MANKAR MS13134 ms13134[at]iisermohali.ac.in
124 VIDHYA . S MS13135 ms13135[at]iisermohali.ac.in
125 ANKIT KUMAR PANDEY MS13137 ms13137[at]iisermohali.ac.in
126 SAURAV SHEKHAR MS13138 ms13138[at]iisermohali.ac.in
127 ANJOOM THAHIR. A.V MS13139 ms13139[at]iisermohali.ac.in
128 VINAYAK ASWAL MS13140 ms13140[at]iisermohali.ac.in
129 VANDANA KUMARI MS13141 ms13141[at]iisermohali.ac.in
130 SREELAKSHMI. C MS13142 ms13142[at]iisermohali.ac.in
131 ALKIT GUGALIA MS13143 ms13143[at]iisermohali.ac.in
132 SHUBHAM PAL MS13145 ms13145[at]iisermohali.ac.in
133 KUSHALPAL KAUR MS13146 ms13146[at]iisermohali.ac.in
134 OM PRAKASH MS13147 ms13147[at]iisermohali.ac.in
135 HARITHA. A MS13148 ms13148[at]iisermohali.ac.in
136 SHREYAN GANGULY MS13149 ms13149[at]iisermohali.ac.in
137 SWATHI JAYARAM MS13150 ms13150[at]iisermohali.ac.in
138 ANJALY S. MENON MS13151 ms13151[at]iisermohali.ac.in
139 AKSHAT BHANOT MS13152 ms13152[at]iisermohali.ac.in
140 RUPENDRA KUMAR MS13153 ms13153[at]iisermohali.ac.in

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