Dr. Manimala Mitra

   INSPIRE Faculty (Physics)
   Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar,
   Manauli PO 140306

   Email: manimala[at]
   Telefax: +91-172-2240266

Research Area: High energy physics (theory)

Here are the few specific areas in which I work, a)Beyond Standard Model physics b) Neutrino physics c) Collider physics and d) Astroparticle physics.

A series of outstanding experiments over the past few decades have established the fact that Standard Model (SM) neutrinos have eV masses. Few of the specific questions that still remain unanswered are whether SM neutrinos are Dirac or Majorana, the mass hierarchy of SM neutrinos, CP violating phases and most importantly what is the theory behind neutrino mass generation. One of the most attractive mass generation mechanism is Seesaw, where the light neutrino mass is generated from a higher dimensional (d=5) operator. I am exploring how to unveil the underlying theory of neutrino mass generation through experimental searches, such as, neutrinoless double beta decay and collider searches.

The other areas of interests are Higgs physics and astroparticle physics. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), in CERN, Geneva has discovered the Higgs. However, its couplings to all the SM fermions are yet not been measured. One of the major theoretical question is the radiative stability of Higgs mass, for which beyond standard model (BSM) description is required. The BSM description has new degrees of freedom. I am exploring the prospect of observing BSM Higgs boson at collider. In addition, I am also interested in astroparticle physics, in particular, dark matter and leptogenesis.

Selected Publications

  • Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Heavy Sterile Neutrinos, M. Mitra, G. Senjanovic, F. Vissani, Nucl. Phys. B 856, 26 (2012) [arXiv:1108.0004 [hep-ph]].

  • Constraining Neutrino Mass from Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, P. S. Bhupal Dev, S. Goswami, M. Mitra and W. Rodejohann, Phys. Rev. D 88, 091301 (2013) arXiv:1305.0056 [hep-ph]

  • Explaining a CMS eejj Excess With R-parity Violating Supersymmetry and Implications for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Ben Allanach, Sanjoy Biswas, Subhadeep Mondal, Manimala Mitra, Phys. Rev. D 91, 011702 (2015). arXiv: 1408.5439.

  • Searching for a Heavy Higgs boson in a Higgs-portal B-L Model S. Banerjee, M. Mitra and M. Spannowsky, arXiv:1506.06415 [hep-ph].

  • Using Low-Energy Neutrinos from Pion Decay at Rest to Probe the Proton Strangeness,G. Pagliaroli, C. Lujan-Peschard, M. Mitra and F. Vissani, Phys. ReV. Lett 111, 022001 (2013) [arXiv:1210.4225 [hep-ph]].

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