Shelly Garg


Subject Area: Non-Commutative Rings

Background and Research Interests

I completed my M.Sc from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 2008 and was awardee of NBHM post graduation fellowship. I joined IISER Mohali in January 2009. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Dinesh Khurana.

The broad area of my research is non-commutative rings. My research contains study of a class of rings called ‘Perspective Rings’, which lies between the class of rings with stable range one and the rings with internal cancellation property. We investigate the classical problem of lifting idempotents to check the behaviour of strong cleanness under certain ring extensions and also study the rings over which pseudo-injectivity of modules coincides with quasi-injectivity.

Select Publications

  1. (with A. J. Diesl, T. J. Dorsey and D. Khurana), A Note on Completeness and Strongly Clean Rings, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, (to appear).
  2. (with H. K. Grover and D. Khurana), Perspective Rings, Journal of Algebra, (to appear).