Yashonidhi Pandey


Subject Area: Algebraic Geometry; Bundles on curves

Background and Research Interests

My broad area of research is the subject of bundles on curves. During my doctorate, I calculated polarizations on Prym-Tyurin-Donagi varieties in view of the Abelianization programme initiated by Nigel Hitchin. Later I worked on the torsors under Bruhat-Tits group schemes and gave a criteria for the existence of stable torsors on the projective line. Recently, I have been working to compactify the moduli of quadratic bundles on curves fixing the loci of degeneracy and the orders. I have also computed the Brauer group of the moduli space and stack of torsors under Bruhat-Tits group schemes. In future, I wish to work in the emerging area of essential dimension in the context of moduli theory.

Select Publications

  1. Polarizations on Prym varieties Pλ via Schur correspondence on curves, Annales de la Facult de Science de Toulouse Vol 19 Issue: 3-4, 2010, pp 603-633.
  2. A criteria for existence of stable SOn, Sp2n and Spin parahoric torsors on 1, submitted.